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No New Posts Rules & Information - 1 Viewing

The necessary information, both IC and OOC, to get started on the forum! Make sure to read all the threads on this section.

Sub-boards: Basic Rules + Information, Advanced Rules, Templates

Digimon Census (2023)
by arissey
Feb 13, 2023 21:55:00 GMT
No New Posts DFRP Newscast and Updates

Around the worlds, both Human and Digital, the DFRP Newscast ensures that every member is kept up-to-date on the latest happenings, be they imperative to the plot or simply worth catching their attention.

Activity Check - January 2023!
by Daichi
Feb 7, 2023 16:59:41 GMT
No New Posts Welcomes and Farewells

To those new to the site wanting to make a good, first impression, or to those wanting to post up their valedictions before riding off into the sunset beyond, this is the place to do it. Let us know what's up!

Time to Shine!
by Silver Astreus
Jan 4, 2023 2:53:31 GMT


No New Posts Applications!

Post your things here. Chances are they will get graded!

Sub-boards: Profiles!, Missions!, Careers!, Teams!, Plots!, Edits!, Transfers!

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Abaddon edits
by Abaddon, Devourer of Shadows
Mar 27, 2023 14:17:47 GMT
No New Posts Completed Characters - 3 Viewing

Kudos to those who make it here—your character has been approved by Staff and you are verified for roleplay! Profiles will be categorized by character type, to allow easy access to those who want to browse or find a specific character.

Sub-boards: Tamers & Digimon, Solo Digimon, Spirit Users, Xros Generals, Adoption Center, Inventories, Journals, Relationships, Storylines

Armand Feltome
by Amelie
Mar 16, 2023 17:42:21 GMT
No New Posts Completed Projects

Approved non-character applications reside here. Want to join a mission, a team, or look for somebody to get some juicy bits? Here's the place!

Sub-boards: Missions, Careers, Teams

Here Be Evil - [A Rank]
by ricochet-Stacy
Mar 2, 2023 22:49:30 GMT
No New Posts NPC for Me

For those of you who want to add a bit of unpredictability in your roleplaying experience, come here and request a Non-Player Character for us Staff Members to take control of! But be warned—should you be using this for battle purposes, don't bite off more than you can chew.

Sub-boards: Rookie & Champion Requests, Ultimate & Higher Requests

Jungle Blues [For Glory/Mega/Bring it on]
by Fujisaki Sisters
Jun 30, 2022 6:50:49 GMT
No New Posts Monthly Roleplay Challenge

The Monthly RolePlay Challenge board! All MPC-related material is located here. The MPC is a fun way to expand your roleplaying skills, perspective and experiences beyond those available in traditional DFRP formats. As another way to gain posts, everyone wins! There are usually 2-3 MPC's a month.

Sub-board: Past MPC Instruction Threads

Are We There Yet?[103X MPC(74C MPC)](WIP)
by Lucky
Mar 26, 2023 4:05:33 GMT
No New Posts Archives - 3 Viewing

More than often, we will have threads, profiles, and the like be carelessly abandoned or dropped without a moment's notice. Any topics that have been left to haphazardly gather dust—or topics that have actually been completed—will be sorted and archived here.

Sub-boards: Old News, MPC Archives, Inactive Careers, Inactive Profiles, Inactive Teams, Inactive Team Boards, Inactive Missions, Inactive Plots/Journals, Inactive Edits, Miscellaneous Threads, Past Events, Completed Missions, Tournaments

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That Time I was a General in Another World[103X(87B)]
by Spire
Mar 22, 2023 11:54:33 GMT


No New Posts Northern Shibuya - 1 Viewing

The northern section of Tokyo Metropolis' Shibuya Ward. Considered the most tranquil and relaxing portion of the ward, it is this fact that the Shibuya elevator schools have been constructed here, so as to provide students a calm and peaceful environment for studying.

Sub-boards: Miyashita Park, Shibuya Schools Campus, Cat Street, Miyashita Cemetery

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I am here [Weston]
by Weston the Wise
Mar 20, 2023 3:23:58 GMT
No New Posts Western Shibuya

The western section of Tokyo Metropolis' Shibuya Ward. This is the wealthiest section of the ward, and while the most residents here are of the middle class, the rich folk have made their statement and impact here on a regular basis.

Sub-boards: Residential District, Shibuya Schools Dormitories, Shibuki Forest, Society Hill

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Of Winter and Quiet.... Sorta [Ask]
by Kaya Matsui and Hawkeye
Mar 6, 2023 4:15:10 GMT
No New Posts Greater Shibuya - 1 Viewing

The eastern section of Tokyo Metropolis' Shibuya Ward. Though it once thrived and flourished, it suddenly fell into disarray; poverty lurks bits and pieces of the once-magnificent area. Criminal activity is higher in this area than in any other part of Shibuya Ward, so it is highly advised to travel in groups.

Sub-boards: Netcafe Scion, Housing District, Udagawa Back Streets

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Here be Evil [A-Rank]
by Hotaru Inoue
Mar 22, 2023 8:48:31 GMT
No New Posts Downtown Shibuya - 1 Viewing

The southern section of Tokyo Metropolis' Shibuya Ward. It serves as the business and entertainment district of Shibuya, and also happens to be one of the brightest sections of the city at night. Younger folk travel here for hangouts often, and businessmen and ladies usually do their work here.

Sub-boards: Entertainment District, Shibuya Medical Hospital, Shibuya 104

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The RyuRyu Bakery: Today Double!
by Ryu Yoshida
Mar 27, 2023 9:06:29 GMT
No New Posts Central Shibuya - 1 Viewing

The heart of Tokyo Metropolis' Shibuya Ward. It serves as the crossover to every section of Shibuya, and as such, features a little bit of everything and a whole heap more.

This is the only section anyone can access the Digital World from!

Sub-boards: Scramble Crossing, Hachikō Square, DATS HQ, AEGIS HQ, Shibuya Train Terminal, Shibuya River

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Facing Yourself (Haruka)
by Hanako Hoshidate
Mar 26, 2023 22:37:50 GMT


No New Posts Northern Prominence

The colder, more mountainous regions of the Digital World lie to the north. Beautiful and majestic ranges can be seen on the horizon, yet they almost always seem to be plagued by unnaturally cold winds and frigid blizzards.

Sub-boards: Spyware Caverns, Desolate Tundra, Snowflake Village, Terabyte Mountain, Shining Sea

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The Little Thief Ciel! (OPEN)
by Carter and Aida
Mar 27, 2023 12:48:44 GMT
No New Posts Western Flatlands - 4 Viewing

The geographically calmer, yet more arid and humid section of the Digital World lies to the west. Dangerous cliff sides and crags and unbearably-hot deserts make their presence known to those incapable of dealing with blistering temperatures or brittle, dry ground—only the careful survive here.

Sub-boards: Spears of Megiddo, Kilobyte Oasis, Folder Desert, Rustport Town, Ancient Ruins, Hardware Den, Valley of Dragons

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Robbery in Rustport Town!?(OPEN)
by Arcana
Mar 27, 2023 12:09:22 GMT
No New Posts Eastern Timberlands - 3 Viewing

The forested and lush, green, and cooler areas of the Digital World lie to the east. Plant and animal life teems and thrives within the denser portions of this temperate jungle, and the further one goes into it, the thicker it gets.

Sub-boards: Mainframe Hills, Rosewood, Server Woods, The Tyrant's Labyrinth, The Village of Beginnings, Spartan Training Grounds, Backup Bayou

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The Digital Dead (Hana)
by Hanako Hoshidate
Mar 27, 2023 14:07:38 GMT
No New Posts Southern Tropics - 2 Viewing

A scenic, beach-lined area that lies in the southern regions of the Digital World. The sun constantly bathes the resort-like seasides and fields of flowers, providing an atmosphere worthy of a summer vacation. Islands and archipelagos litter the great Macro Sea.

Sub-boards: Cipher Jungle, Binary Archipelago, Whitewater City, Caritas, 5¥ Casino, The Macro Ocean, Blossom Isles, Sunken Elysium - Surface, Sunken Elysium - Depths, The Everfalls

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Out on the Town (Mai)
by ollieandprocopius
Mar 27, 2023 13:28:54 GMT
No New Posts The Digital Core - 1 Viewing

The heart of the Digital World, located on a humongous expanse of land and field. This area serves as the crossroads between every area on the entire continent. The humongous, barricaded confines of the supermetropolis Terminus City stick out like a sore thumb when viewed from a distance.

Sub-boards: Terminus City, Trailmon Terminal, Old Terminus, Tenebrous, Network Plains, Infinity Coliseum

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A Salaryman in the Digital World [Open]
by ricochet-Stacy
Mar 26, 2023 20:58:36 GMT
No New Posts The Dark Area

A horrific section of the Digital World, located far away from the main continent—so far away, the only means of accessing it is by sea or air. However, those who dare touch down will be greeted by the foul stench of raw evil. The further one goes within its chaotic confines, the more twisted the land becomes—eventually, it begins to take its toll on the weak-willed...

Sub-boards: Deeplane City, Sea of Blood, The Forsaken Wasteland, Fragment Village, Grotto of Sorrow, Cliffs of Chaos

3,910 POSTS
First Minute Nothing, Next Minute Chaos Ensured [OPEN]
by ricochet11-Lilly
Mar 24, 2023 21:19:25 GMT
No New Posts The Empyrean Skies

A place located high above the Digital World entirely, the only means of access to this place is by flight. Upon reaching the clouds above, one is greeted by a blinding light so warm and radiant, one seems at peace with themselves. The light seems to have some form of psychological effect on those of a more sinister nature...

Sub-boards: Avalon Fields, The City of Luminas

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Edge of Oblivion [Gihai|Ryuji]
by Manami
Feb 11, 2022 16:41:39 GMT
No New Posts Other Phenomena

In the Digital World exist a few anomalies; Digital Monsters of enormous size. Given they are practically moving sources of land, some have learned to live atop them in some semblance of peace. Another anomaly is that digimon exist upon the Moon itself.

Sub-boards: The Moon, ElDoradimon

Reincarnated in another world as a Lvl 1 bug!?!? [DM]
by Deleted
Oct 26, 2021 12:34:59 GMT


No New Posts Tamernet - 1 Viewing

An in-character communication service that's available to everyone with a D-Terminal (all approved characters, including Solo digimon)

Sub-boards: General Chat, Tamer Q & A, Fun and Games

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Wedding Invitations(Zack, Hana, Ghost?)
by supesman
Mar 1, 2023 13:09:33 GMT
No New Posts The Sands of Time

Whether in the Digital World or the human world, not every pivotal of your character's life has happened in the here and now. Some have taken place so far in the past that they are as a distant memory. Others are hopes and dreams for a far-off future. Others still are events that may have happened in another reality, but now are little more than distant dreams.

This is where you can tell these stories.

Sub-boards: What Once Was, What Will Be, What May Have Been

dont reply to this shi
by Omen, Chaddest of Chads
Jan 1, 2023 5:56:51 GMT
No New Posts Outside of Shibuya

For threads taking place in any part of the Human World outside of Shibuya! Take into account that most, if not all of the Digimon-related events occur in Japan before creating threads in other countries.

Initiation (Solo)
by Deleted
Jan 14, 2022 1:41:57 GMT

06: OOC

No New Posts Questions and Suggestions

Do you have any questions regarding our site and its features? Can't find something in our Rules that we overlooked? Ask us here, and we'll help you out — we don't bite.

MOAR Questions for Everybody!
by ricochet-Stacy
Jan 21, 2023 6:05:48 GMT
No New Posts Artist's Corner

A place for those with artistic talent can gather and show off their skills. Should you feel entrepreneurial, you can put your skills to work for you and make a quick Bit doing commissions for others. You — and any others — may get something good out of it!

Some people have a knack for making their keyboards burst into flames with their fingers of fury, and they may have the skills to type up something creative and unique. This is the place for any, text-based artwork to go to: fan fictions, upcoming novels, or simply short stories.

idk where else to put this lol
by Hinata Hinamori
Dec 8, 2022 8:41:03 GMT
No New Posts Advertisements & Affiliations

To those who wish to further their own role playing site's list of contacts, this is where advertising comes into play. Be you first timer or a previous visitor, here's the place to spread the love of role play to all.

Guests are free to post here!

Sub-boards: First Time, Link Back, Affiliations List

ZapdosZulu: A Pokemon HG/SS Roleplay
by fyrebirdevo
Mar 14, 2023 16:40:29 GMT


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